How To (and how not to) access Custom Attributes using GetExchangeUser

  The content of this blog stands true as of 13th of June, 2012. The behavior described towards the end of the article may be corrected through a subsequent product update.   Out-of-the-box Custom Attributes were introduced starting Exchange Server 2007 to save you the trouble of having to modify your Active Directory Schema, as…


Sending Appointments from EWS Apps: Where did my HTML go???

  Update: As on 25th May 2012, Roll Up 3 for Exchange Server 2010 SP2 addresses this issue. You can install this update from: You can read a description of the issue here: _____________________________ Disclaimer: The contents of this article stand true at the time of writing it, which is on the 18th…


CreateItemFromTemplate()… Importing MSG’s… Where did my UserProperties go?

  A known behavior of Outlook and the Object Model (documented in this KB) is that if you import an Outlook item into your mailbox or a PST from an MSG file, either by dragging and dropping, or through the CreateItemFromTemplate() (documentation) OOM call, it’s pretty much a known fact that you would find the…


Outlook Ribbon woes on performing “Send As E-Mail” via other Office 2010 Apps

  When we introduced ribbons  in various Office applications with Office 2007 (and expanded it further in 2010), we also brought to you a quick and easy GUI tool, called the Ribbon Designer, to help you design your custom ribbons via Visual Studio, in a manner in which WYSIWYG. Unfortunately, come Office 2010, as far…


Automating execution of built-in Exchange 2010 PS1 Scripts through .NET

  Through the magic of Powershell automation that was introduced for Exchange Management, it so happens that Exchange 2007 and 2010 come with quite a few built-in scripts that attempt to make your life easier, (not to forget all the custom scripts that you could write yourself, to automate tasks that are frequent to you)….


The Double-Hop Dogma

If you find yourself wondering why your robustly developed, uber-comprehensive ASP.NET application, which is supposed to dive into the Exchange mailbox of the authenticated user and leverage the very convenient and efficient Exchange Web Services (Managed API or otherwise) to pull out their e-mails, contacts, meetings and so on and so forth, isn’t able to access…


Breaking your ahead against Outlook URL’s post Outlook 2003?

  So back in 2003, when we introduced the world to Outlook 2003, there was a nifty feature that allowed you to create hyperlinks that you could type into your Internet Explorer Address bar, and it would launch Outlook and take you to a specific folder (or mail item or such and such). Come Outlook…


Working with Tasks using Exchange Web Services

  An integral part of Outlook from its very initial version, Outlook Tasks were always intended to remain that way… an integral part of Outlook. They were not, on the other hand, intended to serve the purposes that they tend to be used for, today. Outlook Tasks were introduced to give users a cute and…