How to connect SQL Embedded Edition to SQL Management Studio?

Say you have WSS 3.0 with Embedded SQL edition and then you install the SQL server 2005 full blown version on the box. Now you want to connect to the instance of the Sharepoint database to take a backup. How will you connect?

Here is how we connect to the Embedded SQL instance:

We can create a Server Alias for the "MICROSOFT##SSEE" named instance.

1. Run "cliconfg" on the box from the command line or from Start --> Run

2. In the "SQL Server Client Network Utitity" console, click the Alias tab.

3. Create a new Server alias.

4. Server alias: <ServerName>\MICROSOFT##SSEE

5. Replace <ServerName> with the exact server.
Network libraries: Named Pipes
Server name: .\MICROSOFT##SSEE
Pipe name: \\.\pipe\MSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEE\sql\query

6. Then open SQL 2005 management studio, input <ServerName>\MICROSOFT##SSEE as Server Name.

Now you can use SQL 2005 management studio to connect to the SQL data for Sharepoint site successfully.


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  1. Out_theBack says:

    Hi DhirajM,   This is exactly the step I require to manage a SharePoint SQL Embedded WSS_content database. But I cannot get a 'connection' when using SQL Management Studio Express using this Server Alias.

    Connection using named pipe string .pipeMSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEEsqlquery

    works fine but not when using the Alias.


    Thank you..will keep working on it.

  2. veeru says:

    can i connect to \.pipeMSSQL$MICROSOFT##SSEEsqlquery using Sql authentication…

    for some reason, the windows auth is not a sysadmin for the above server instance….so i cannot administer my adfs config database… i have a chicken-egg problem

    i can only login via the windows auth who is not a sysadmin, so cannot add SQL authentication login

    what to do now

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