Ruby On Rails with IIS 7 – Reloaded

In my last post I mentioned getting into Ruby and making MABUILD and rake work together. I think I found a better way to do the same with PowerShell integration, which I will write up sometime this week. Now, it is inevitable that Ruby leads to Ruby On Rails. I needed to get RoR work…


Calling RAKE from MSBUILD

These days, I am spending quite a bit of time with Ruby,  Ruby On Rails and RAKE. I am not into the Ruby religion yet,and not drinking the ruby Kool-aid that much. Just a little. I needed to integrate the TeamBuild (Team System) with Ruby/RAKE.  So in other words, I needed to call RAKE from…


Doing the same thing again and again

A while back in the C++ days, there were class libraries doing things like sending mail, opening/reading cert store, event log writing reading, etc. These were written in C++ to encapsulate some of the pain associated with routine tasks. Great Idea!! MFC’s CReg CSocket and a bumch of classes started with C made things easier….