Please post your questions to

If you have questions on the System.Net [managed network programming api's]
please post your questions to

I monitor this forum and so does all of my team. This is your best bet to get your
questions answered. There might be other public news groups, but we are not monitoring those
actively. Please use the forum above.

A few tips for getting your questions answered

  1. Always tell us the Operating System, Service Pack

  2. Always .NET Framework version, Service Pack

  3. If you can tell us the Exact version number of the System.dll it would be great.

  4. Make your question easy to understand. Use specific examples like
    "Machine A does X and Machine B does Y. I exepect Z but I am getting D"

  5. Post your code (snippet). It is so much easier to understand your issue if we can
    look at the code quickly

Good Luck and thanks for posting  your questions.

Durgaprasad Gorti

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