Understanding why error code 0X8004010F is thrown when trying to download an OAB

When it comes to downloading an OAB the following error code [ 0X8004010F ] is the biggest pain for everyone, and the most misunderstood error. The number one thing is to understand is that this error means MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND: C:\dgoldman>err 0X8004010F# for hex 0X8004010F / decimal -2147221233ecNotFound ec.hecAttachNotFound ec.hecUnknownRecip ec.hecPropNotExistent ec.hMAPI_E_NOT_FOUND mapicode.h# 5 matches found for “0X8004010F” With…


Error 0x80190194 when using an Outlook 2007 client to download a Web Distribution enabled OAB

You can receive the following error (0x80190194) in Outlook when trying to download a Web Distribution only enabled Offline Address Book. The error 0x80190194 is an HTTP 404 error: C:\WINDOWS\system32>err 0x80190194# for hex 0x80190194 / decimal -2145844844BG_E_HTTP_ERROR_404 bitsmsg.h# 1 matches found for “0x80190194” The reason for this error message is that when an Outlook 2007…


Outlook client fails to download the OAB with error 0x8004011B

Earlier today I saw a post on one of the aliases where a customer was having issues downloading the OAB with their Outlook 2003 clients. The Outlook client was failing with the error code of 0x8004011B. I asked a few questions in regards to the customers exchange environment, and I found out that they have an Exchange 2003 /…


Is your Outlook client downloading an ANSI or Unicode OAB?

A Microsoft Exchange server can contain 3 different version of the OAB (OAB Version 2, OAB Version 3 and OAB Version 4). As newer versions of the Offline Address Book are created and rolled out through an organization, it can become difficult for administrators to keep track of which version of the OAB users are…


Troubleshooting the Outlook Send/Receive with error 0x80040119

Another problem I have seen in the newsgroups and floating around on the Internet is that people are getting 0x80040119 when they try to download their Offline Address List. Ok, so lets start by troubleshooting this guy. One good troubleshooting step is to examine the HRESULT code that was returned and see what it is….


OABInteg – The dumpPDNtable test is now a MAPI test

I wanted to post an update for OABInteg. I have been really busy as of late writing the Beta 2 Offline Address Book internal training, so I have not had a chance to work on OABInteg as much as I would have liked too. One change that I needed to mention was the dumpPDNtable test. To…


New Active Directory objects are not showing after Cached Mode clients download the OAB

I have been spending a fair amount of time in the newsgroups lately, and I have seen a lot of posts around new objects not showing in the Offline Address List when clients are running in Outlook cached mode. This is a fairly easy process to troubleshoot if you know where to look and what…


OAB Generation and the 9339 event id

The 9338 and 9339 event ID’s that are logged in the application log indicate that there was a problem with the data that is returned from the Active Directory during an Offline Address List generation.  The reason why there are two possible events that can be logged, are due to the fact that we might…


The DS Server registry key and rebuilding an Offline Address List

I wanted to talk briefly about using the DS Server registry value for hard coding Exchange servers to particular domain controllers, and the problems that it can cause. The DS Server registry key was used back in the day as a means to hard code an Outlook client so it could use a particular domain…