Technet Exchange Insider Article – Offline Address List Generation Overview

Recently I was asked to write an article for the Exchange Insider portion of Technet. The article was published: October 5, 2005. It contains most of the blog information and now is a part of Technet. Here is the link to the Technet Exchange Insider section:\ Here is the link to my article:


OABInteg explained on

Earlier today I was doing some research and came across this article on OABInteg. Henrik Walther who is an author and contributes heavliy to the, has done a great job showing some of the potential that OABInteg has for solving OAB Generation issues. If you have the time, please check this out.  


OABInteg and how to use it to troubleshoot OAB generation issues.

With all of the extensive troubleshooting and debugging that I have done over the last year for OAB generation process, I thought it would be worth while to write an tool that could help customers troubleshoot these issues. The OAB generation process is unknown to many, so I have felt the need to starting posting about it. This…


How OAB certificate filtering works

Neil Shipp wrote a great article on how the OAB certification filter works. Neil’s blog can be found here -> Enjoy


OAB version 4 in Exchange 2003 service pack 2 (SP2)

OAB Version 4 is a new addition to the Offline Address Book infrastructure. It was designed to help remove most Outlook OAB download related problems Once Exchange 2003 Service Pack 2 has successfully been installed on to the Exchange server, it will have the ability to create the OAB Version 4 folder. The location for…


How to troubleshoot the OAB Generation process

I thought I would take a few minutes to post some information on how to troubleshoot OAB Generation problem. There are two really basic things that must be understood before troubleshooting any process:   Understanding how the process works before you troubleshoot it. If you do not know how the process works, how are you…


Outlook client OAB download process

Here is some information on how the outlook clients connect to the public folder information store to download the oab messages/attachments. For an outlook client to download the OAB files the client has to make a call in to the address book provider, which searches the public folder tree and returns a list of the…


Overview of the OABgen process

I have some free time this week so I figured that I would post a blog in regard to the OAB generation process. As of late I have seen a lot of confusion around the topic of how OABGen works, so here is a high level overview.   Offline Address List Generation Overview The Microsoft Exchange…


Personal Infomation

Here is a little about me. I relocated to North Carolina from New York in April 2001, where I started working for Microsoft as an AST (Alliance Support Professional). This role entailed being a dedicated support professional 24/7 x 365 for the FSG (Financial Services Group). The FSG catered to the New York Metro Financial Clients. Since then…