PLEASE READ –> Events 9320 and 9359 on new installation of Exchange 2010

When you attempt to generate your OAB you will see the following event id’s logged in your application log:

Log Name:    Application
Source:        MSExchangeSA
Date:            12/1/2009 13:01:03 AM
Event ID:       9359
Level:            Warning
User:            N/A
Computer:     OABGenServer
Description:   OALGen truncated or dropped properties for entry ‘Dgoldman’ in address list '\Global Address List' because they exceeded the configured size limits for the version 4 offline address list.  The affected MAPI ids are:  8008. - \Default Offline Address Book

Here is what are MAPI ids 8cd8 and 8008 are?

  • 0x8CD8000D = PR_EMS_AB_AUTH_ORIG                           PT_OBJECT

  • 0x8008101F = PR_EMS_AB_IS_MEMBER_OF_DL_W         PT_MV_UNICODE

This event will be generated for each user read in the oab that is a member of a DL, and for all DL’s that have members.

The Problem

The problem is that the “member” and “memberOf” attributes are not a part of the truncated property list for regular groups. So when we are generating the OAB we will read this property, and we will not see it in the list and log the 9359 event.

The Fix

This is by DESIGN. These warnings are 100% expected and can be ignored. This has no ramifications on your oab generation process.

We will be taking a chance in the future to have the following behavior:

  1. The 9320 Event ID that is related to truncation moved become a Low level event log item

  2. The 9359 Event ID will be changed from the Warning category to Informational

NOTE: We are looking to make this change around the E14 SP1 time frame.


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