How to set the msExchQueryBaseDN attribute for users via powershell

I was working in the lab today trying to debug a reproduction of an OWA hosting issue and I had the need to set the msExchQueryBaseDN for 10,000 users. Typically you can use Poweshell with the get-user | set-user commands to access mailbox properties for stamping purposes, however the msExchQueryBaseDN attribute is a user based attribute. Here are two ways you can do it:

How to set an attribute for one user via powershell
$user = ([ADSI]"LDAP://OU=MyOU,DC=Company,DC=com").psbase;
$user.Properties["msExchQueryBaseDN"].Value = "CN=User,OU=MyOU,DC=Company,DC=com";

How to set an attributes for a group of users in an OU via Powershell
get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Foreach { $dn = "LDAP://" + $_.distinguishedname;$obj = [ADSI]$dn;$obj.msExchQueryBaseDN = "DC=domain,DC=com";$obj.setinfo()}
For troubleshooting purposes
If you are having problems and you are not seeing anything displayed in powershell you can run the following command:
 C:\>get-mailbox | Foreach { $dn = "LDAP://" + $_.distinguishedname;  write-host $dn}
I have four mailboxes in my lab and here you can see that four results have been displayed.
NOTE: Running Get-Mailbox *userName* | fl msExchQueryBaseDN will not return any results as this parameter is not returned in powershell.
This little bad boy stamped 10,000 users in less than 2 minutes.


Comments (2)

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  2. MarkyD says:

    Kudos to Dave for this article and the PS command.  This fixed my customer’s issue.  

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