How to force Outlook 2007 to use a static autodiscover.xml file

Brian Tirch is any army contractor work very closely with the Beta team here at Microsoft. He wrote a great article on how to have the Outlook client use a static autodiscover.xml file. If you have time check out his blog here: Dave


OABInteg – New Information

As most people know we took down GotDotNet and have relocated most of our external tools and code to or I have relocated OABInteg to the following location: I have updated the web documentation on how to use the tool as well we can be found here: New Changes to OABInteg…


Address List and EAP filter upgrades with Exchange Server 2007

Evan Dodds from the Exchange Product Group wrote a great blog a while back with regards to LDAP / OPATH and filters. If you have had any problems upgrading your address lists or running the /ForceUpgrade command and they don’t work, please check here to see why: This is a must read!! Dave


Changing the way Outlook displays it’s address book columns.

I see this question pop up on the internal and external aliases a lot so I thought I would blog on it. Question: Is there anyway to change the order and what columns in Outlook 2003 or 2007s address book? The default display shows the following: (Name, Business Phone, Office Title, Company, Alias, E-mail Type,…


Exchange 2003 Address List Segregation Document

Over the last few months a great number of people have asked if we would be putting out a white paper on how to segregate address lists for Exchange 2003. We put a massive amount of time and effort into getting the Exchange 2007 version of this document ready and it is now released. There…


Exchange 2003 / 2007 Address List Segregation Document – Updates!!

Since the document has been out a few questions have come up and I wanted to try to answer them. Top Question: What if I am in a mixed mode and I have modified my permissions on the 2003 side because I was self-hosting? Answer: This is not going to work. You need to revert your…


Looking up Free/Busy information in a mixed org (E2K3/E2k7) will return a 4004 error.

For companies that have a mixed 2003/2007 environment and fall under one of the following states might see problems when querying legacy Free/Busy information: Companies that are in the middle of a migration. Companies that have already migrated and not realized migration problems such as changed attributes. Event ID      : 4004Category     : Availability ServiceSource         : MSExchange AvailabilityType            : WarningGenerated  …


Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation Document Will be Out in February!!!

I am sorry that I haven’t posted in a while, as I spent most of the last couple months investing a ton of time in to getting this white paper finished for everyone. I just have finished the Address List segregation document. I just got clearance from Tom Di Nardo who is a Senior Technical…