Update – Changing the display name of active directory users

Back on Thursday, June 19, 2008 3:06 PM I published a blog on Changing the display name of active directory users. I want to thank Amit Tank for taking the time to write up a wonderful repo and blog with the steps on how to achive this now. Please check out his blog: http://exchangeshare.wordpress.com/2008/08/17/exchange-2007-display-name-format Dave


Why details template changes don’t seem to show up on clients after being made

I wanted to elaborate a little on the topic of details templates and how they work. Details templates control the appearance of object properties that are accessed by using address lists. When a user opens an address list in Outlook, for example, the properties of a particular object are presented as defined by the details…


A great Exchange, SQL and IIS book to get

I was out a few weeks ago at the book store looking some more books and I came across the following book: The Best Damn Exchange, SQL and IIS Book Period (Best Damn) (Book Period) (Paperback). This is an outstanding book and is a damn good resource for all 3 core Microsoft servers (Exchange, SQL…


Microsoft Exchange and Search Folders

The Exchange search folders tend to be a very complicated subject for a lot of administrators. There are two different ways of filtering messages in MAPI – (Search folders and restrictions). A search folder is like a regular MAPI folder, except that instead of containing real messages, it contains only links to messages in other…


OAB generation on a CCR cluster will fail with error 1021

OAB generation on a CCR cluster will fail with error 1021 There was a new bug found that stops the OAB from being generated with a 1021 while being hosted on a cluster server. The typical setup has been 1 CCR running on windows 2008 and 1 to multiple Client Access Servers running on Windows…


Changing the display name of active directory users

Some companies have requirements to change how their users display name show up in the active directory. We have a KB article [http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/250455] where this does work for the following versions of Exchange: Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Enterprise Edition Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Standard Edition Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server Standard Edition Microsoft Windows Small Business Server…


ISA Delegation breaks OAB downloads

We have had a few cases where customers were not able to download their OAB files externally due to mis-configurations on their ISA servers. By default an Exchange 2007 server’s OAB Virtual Directory will have the following authentication method set: ExternalAuthenticationMethods : {WindowsIntegrated} Integrated Windows authentication uses the NTLM, Kerberos, and Negotiate authentication mechanisms. These are secure…


How to forward to Internet recipients without creating an internal mail-enabled contact

  I often work with the HMC hosting team when weird OAB generation problems come about. This request was a bit different that normal. There was a hosting customer out there that wanted to be able to forward emails to another account that were not in their hosting domain but did not want to create…


How to prepare your organization for Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation or revert from Address List Segregation back to Exchange

Before you can start to follow the Exchange 2007 Address List Segregation white paper  (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/exchange/bb936719.aspx)  or revert from Address List Segregation you must prepare your organization. Here is a small check list of things that need to be looked at before you start: 1. Have you followed any other KB articles or white papers to set…