A great Exchange, SQL and IIS book to get

I was out a few weeks ago at the book store looking some more books and I came across the following book: The Best Damn Exchange, SQL and IIS Book Period (Best Damn) (Book Period) (Paperback). This is an outstanding book and is a damn good resource for all 3 core Microsoft servers (Exchange, SQL and IIS). I picked a copy of it up right there on the spot. This book is published by Syngress Publishing and was written by the following people:

As I read this book I found some material in the book that looked somewhat fimiliar when I got to the Exchange 2007 OAB section. To my surprise the authors of the book made a key reference to me on page 231!. There is a reader's tip on the page that states the following:

"When it comes to detailed information about OAB's, one of the best resources on the Internet is a blog run by Dave Goldman. Dave works as an Exchange Escalation Engineer (EE) for Microsoft in North Carolina and is, among other things, the guy behind the OABInteg tool, which is used to troubleshoot OAB issues. You can visit Dave's blog at http://blogs.msdn.com/dgoldman".

I just want to extend a great thanks to all of the technical contributors and authors of this book for including me and my work. If you don't have a copy of this book, you really should get one!


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