Exchange 2003 Address List Segregation Document

Over the last few months a great number of people have asked if we would be putting out a white paper on how to segregate address lists for Exchange 2003. We put a massive amount of time and effort into getting the Exchange 2007 version of this document ready and it is now released. There are no future plans to publish or create a 2003 version of this document.

There are a few things to note here:

  1. If you are in need of address list segregation functionality, we highly recommend that you consider moving forward to Exchange 2007 to meet this need.
  2. Microsoft never had produced a tested and supported solution for address list segregation, and that is why I wrote and fully tested with the development team the Exchange 2007 solution. The Microsoft Exchange product is an Enterprise Email solution and was never meant to be used for a hosting solution. This is why we created the HMC product. It is true that we did have some KB Articles and a hosting white paper at one time but they all have been pulled due to the number of service pack changes, hot fixes, security changes, etc. Over the last few years this support has been best effort, but due to the amount of problems that the documents have caused we will no longer provide that support.
  3. All older Microsoft Exchange (Address List Segregation / Hosting KB Articles) have been pulled and are no longer valid.
  4. All older Microsoft Exchange (Address List Segregation / White Papers, Technical Bulletins) have been pulled and are no longer valid.
  5. All older Microsoft Exchange Hosting White Papers have been pulled and are no longer valid.
  6. The only valid tested / approved Address List Segregation document is the Exchange 2007 address list segregation document that is now hosted on the Microsoft TechNet web site and is located here:

Outside using the Exchange HMC solution there will be no support for Exchange 2003 address list segregation. This is the official stance from The Exchange Product Group.

If you have questions about Exchange 2003 / 2007 co-existence for address list segregation then please the following blog post which contains a FAQ around Address List segregation (and I am updating it frequently):


Comments (6)

  1. Joe says:

    Interesting that this is the “official” position, because if I remember correctly there are MSKB articles out there on this very subject (granted, it’s not the prettiest thing on 2003.)  It’s starting to get old hearing “you need to upgrade your entire infrastructure for this one piece of functionality” from MS.

  2. Well Joe, Exchange was never meant to be a hosting platform. Yes there were some kb articles that were put out in the past that ended up leaving people in worse off situations and for that reason they were pulled. If you need to host you can look at the HMC platform. You dont need to upgrade if you dont want too, you just wont host 🙂

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  4. Joe says:

    Thanks for the response — we’re actually not a hosting situation but have segregation setup for legal reasons … our lawyers have decreed to hide our agents from the corporate folks to prevent any "accidental" delivery of proprietary information to the wrong party. (We have over 100k mailboxes with several agents and non-agents with the same name.)  This was a nasty pain to setup and still maintain; I agree wholeheartedly that some of those articles likely left people worse off than where they first started — it took us a few tries in the lab to get it right.

  5. Excellent. Are you guys working now??

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