Exchange 2007 OAB Generation fails with the following errors: 9369, 9328 and 9328

I recently fixed an issue where the Default Offline Address List was on Exchange 2003, deleted and then recreated in Exchange 2007. In Exchange 2003 all Address lists create links in the active directory and in the public folder information stores under the System Folders | OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK | /o=Organization/cn=addrlists/cn=oabs/cn=Default Offline Address List. When…


OAB Generation logs an Event ID 9373 when you update the offline address book in Exchange Server 2007

When you update the offline address book by using the Update-OfflineAddressBook command or by using a scheduled task, the following event (Event ID 9373) is logged in the Application log on a computer that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007: Event Type: Error Event Source: MSExchangeSA Event Category: OAL Generator Event ID: 9373 Description: OALGen…


Fix for OAB Generation failing on CCR and SCC clusters

The failure of the offline address list to generate was the direct result of two separate issues.   The Windows 2008 shared storage clustering component has additional hooks into the operating system to manage shares created on shared storage. When programmatically creating shares on the cluster and then trying to generate the OAB would cause…


Warning message when you start Outlook 2007 and then connect to a mailbox that is hosted on an Exchange 2007-based server: "The name of the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site"

When you start Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and then connect to a mailbox that is hosted on a mailbox server that is running Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, you receive the following security warning message: The name of the security certificate is invalid or does not match the name of the site. Note The scenario that…


OABInteg and certificate testing

I just have finished a new code path for OABInteg that will now allow you to do a proactive scan against your active directory to see what your mail enabled objects look like when it comes to certificates. This should help you to eliminate certificates from your active directory so you can reduce your OAB’s overall…


Understanding why error code 0X8004010F is thrown when trying to download an OAB

When it comes to downloading an OAB the following error code [ 0X8004010F ] is the biggest pain for everyone, and the most misunderstood error. The number one thing is to understand is that this error means MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND: C:\dgoldman>err 0X8004010F# for hex 0X8004010F / decimal -2147221233ecNotFound ec.hecAttachNotFound ec.hecUnknownRecip ec.hecPropNotExistent ec.hMAPI_E_NOT_FOUND mapicode.h# 5 matches found for “0X8004010F” With…


How to get HideFromAddressBook to work on Exchange 2007

Often times customer have a need to create bulk contacts for their organization, but have business requirements to hide these contacts from the global address list. I am just listing two simple ways that you can hide them from the address list. These ways can be as complex as you want them to be depending…


SearchFolderFinder has now been posted for download

Today I posted the SearchFolderFinder.exe on I hope that this will help aid everyone in troubleshooting Version Out Of Store Memory issues. For more information on this tool please see this blog: Exchange Search Folders. Dave


Exchange search folders and performance ramifications

A while back I wrote a few blogs so I could get some detailed information out on how search folders work and how they can impact performance on exchange servers: Microsoft Exchange and search folders. I wrote it from the aspect on how it can cause 623 events which are JET_errVersionStoreOutOfMemory. One thing that I…