Why hiding distribution memberships in Exchange 2007 is no longer supported.

In exchange 2007 there is no more RUS (Recipient Update Service). Because the RUS is not around to stamp acls on hidden distribution lists, we can no longer ensure the distribution list will still be hidden. When ADUC changes or updates a distribution list it will set canonical acls, and to hide the membership we…


Setting the web.config tag <identity impersonate="true" /> will cause Exchange Poweshell cmdlets to fail and crash the MSExchangeServicesAppPool

When Exchange 2007 is installed it will create the following application pools within IIS 6.0: MSExchangeAutodiscoverAppPool          MSExchangeOWAAppPool                                          MSExchangeServicesAppPool                    MSExchangeSyncAppPool MSExchangeUMAAppPool What is an Application Pool? An application pool is a feature of IIS 6.0 that allows one or more applications to be configured to run with a level of isolation between different Web applications….


Deleting the All Rooms address list stops it from showing up in OWA.

During the Microsoft Exchange 2007 install we will create the default address lists and offline address lists. During that creation time we will populate the msExchResourceAddressLists attribute on the organization configuration object with the DN of the All Rooms address list. This allows the All Rooms address list to be shown in the OWA when…