How to break the OAB download process for certain users

I got a weird request today and I thought I would be interesting post. In some organizations you might have a group of users that you do not want to download the OAB for security reason. There are a few ways to do this and if not done correctly can break it for everybody. The…


So, do you want to be an Exchange EE???

If so, we’ve got room for ya … (all you need to do is pass the interview <evil grin>). Dave


What is the default refresh rate for Autodiscover

Here is all of the details on how Autodiscover can refresh it’s cache. An Outlook 2007 client automatically contacts the Autodiscover service: Each time it boots At intervals on a background thread Whenever the connection to an Exchange server fails There are two parts of Outlook that use Autodiscover. The Outlook layer The MAPI layer….