Why hiding distribution memberships in Exchange 2007 is no longer supported.

In exchange 2007 there is no more RUS (Recipient Update Service). Because the RUS is not around to stamp acls on hidden distribution lists, we can no longer ensure the distribution list will still be hidden. When ADUC changes or updates a distribution list it will set canonical acls, and to hide the membership we…


Setting the web.config tag <identity impersonate="true" /> will cause Exchange Poweshell cmdlets to fail and crash the MSExchangeServicesAppPool

When Exchange 2007 is installed it will create the following application pools within IIS 6.0: MSExchangeAutodiscoverAppPool          MSExchangeOWAAppPool                                          MSExchangeServicesAppPool                    MSExchangeSyncAppPool MSExchangeUMAAppPool What is an Application Pool? An application pool is a feature of IIS 6.0 that allows one or more applications to be configured to run with a level of isolation between different Web applications….


Deleting the All Rooms address list stops it from showing up in OWA.

During the Microsoft Exchange 2007 install we will create the default address lists and offline address lists. During that creation time we will populate the msExchResourceAddressLists attribute on the organization configuration object with the DN of the All Rooms address list. This allows the All Rooms address list to be shown in the OWA when…


Creating a new mailbox in Exchange 2007 with the new-mailbox cmdlet fails with Address List Service not Available

When creating mailboxes in Exchange 2007 the mailbox API’s must have access to a domain controller in order to apply recipient polices for stamping purposes. Under certain conditions creating a new mailbox with the Exchange 2007 ESM or using the following Powershell cmdlet (new-mailbox) will fail with the following error: Event ID: 8325 Event Category:…


OAB Generation fails to generate with errors 9330 and 9334

The OAB Generation process solely relies on good connectivity to the Active Directory and it’s domain controllers for information. For more information on how the System Attendant connects to the Active Directory please see this blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/dgoldman/archive/2006/01/26/518038.aspx There are times where the System Attendant will create its profile and read in a domain controller that…


Adding attributes to the Exchange details templates

Most customers have a need to modify their Exchange display templates so they can control what Outlook users see when they are looking at the Offline Address List data. To modify an existing template you can follow this blog: http://blogs.msdn.com/dgoldman/archive/2007/02/14/how-to-add-edit-change-and-revert-address-and-details-templates.aspx Now more often than not the Active Directory attributes will not exist for you to…


How to break the OAB download process for certain users

I got a weird request today and I thought I would be interesting post. In some organizations you might have a group of users that you do not want to download the OAB for security reason. There are a few ways to do this and if not done correctly can break it for everybody. The…


So, do you want to be an Exchange EE???

If so, we’ve got room for ya … (all you need to do is pass the interview <evil grin>). http://members.microsoft.com/careers/search/details.aspx?JobID=EAF3EBAE-644A-4E94-8134-47565725CD41 Dave


What is the default refresh rate for Autodiscover

Here is all of the details on how Autodiscover can refresh it’s cache. An Outlook 2007 client automatically contacts the Autodiscover service: Each time it boots At intervals on a background thread Whenever the connection to an Exchange server fails There are two parts of Outlook that use Autodiscover. The Outlook layer The MAPI layer….