New version of OABInteg will be out soon

I have been doing a lot of work on OABInteg recently with regards to Exchange 2007. Some of the new features that we are testing internally right now are:

1. The ability to detect if you are running OABInteg on an Exchange server. If you are running OABInteg on an Exchange server all of the Exchange OAB registry keys will be scanned and displayed. If you are not they will not be displayed. This was done to cut down some of the noise in the application.

2. Detect which version of Exchange you are running on Exchange 2003 - Exchange 2007 and display which version and service pack information.

3. The ability to run OABInteg on an 64bit computer. Being that 64 bit computers has two registry locations for 32 and 64 bit applications, OABInteg now can be ran on both architectures.

4. Running certain MAPI tests with a Cached Mode profile will be permanently disabled. Until now the oabfldcheck test was the only test that required an Online Profile. I changed this to reduce the number of problems while running certain tests like getabinfo_v2 -> getabinfo_v4. All MAPI test will now use an Online profile so all calls will go directly to the domain controller.

5. FIXED: OABInteg will now report which domain controller is being used for all MAPI tests.

6. A new OABSizer code path has been added. This will give you the ability to run the sizer to see how big your OAB objects are (cert sizes, etc). This will all be displayed in XML format.

7. The ability to connect to the local distribution point to scan for the OAB.xml file which is used by an Outlook client when determining which OAB files need to be applied to the client at download time.

8. The ability to scan and display information about which objects in the Active Directory that have been stamped with the ADCDisabledMail and ADCDisabledMailByADC attribute.

**NOTE: Once this version has been released I will start working on the Outlook client side code path for connection to the Autodiscover service as an Outlook 2007 client does, retrieve the OAB Urls and then test connectivity to the OAB VDIR and Mailbox server to scan for the OAB files.

Merry Christmas


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