New Test added to OABInteg and updates on future releases

I have just published a new release of OABInteg, on - This usually takes about 72 hours to be posted. To be sure that you have the correct version, here is the version information: --a-- W32i   APP ENU      6.5.7839.1 shp    210,944 02-02-2008 oabinteg.exe

Updates in this new release

  • Added new test to check for missing or duplicate Addressing Templates. - Missing or duplicate Addressing Templates can cause the generation process to fail. The following test will show these results:

Starting Test 7 - Addressing Template Validation Test - Check 2

Search started at: 12:55:10 PM
Entry 0: /o=microsoft/CN=Configuration/CN=Addressing/CN=Address-Templates/CN=401
Entry 1: /o=microsoft/CN=Configuration/CN=Addressing/CN=Address-Templates/CN=402
<leaving out the other 47 templates for readability purposes>

Search ended at: 12:55:10 PM

Scan Completed
49 Addressing Templates found
0 Duplicate Addressing Templates found

Updates -
 I have started working on functionality for OABInteg against Exchange 2007.

Currently - What in OABInteg will work on Exchange 2007
1.       All active directory related tests.
2.       All registry tests
3.       All MAPI tests (Two exceptions – see below)

The oabfldcheck test *will* work if you have the following requirements:

  • A public folder information store on the Exchange 2007 server.

  • Outlook or the Standalone installation package for MAPI and CDO installed on the server. This is required if you need to run OABInteg from the Exchange 2007 server, and is also needed for MAPI profile connectivity to the public folder information store.

  • A profile that is downloading OAB Version 2, OAB Version 3 or OAB Version 4 from the public folder information store, not Web Distribution.

What will *not* work

  • Running the oabfldcheck test from an Outlook 2007 client that is using Web Distribution to download OAB Version 4.

  • Running the oabfldcheck on an Exchange 2007 server that does NOT have a public folder information store. 

  • Running the oabfldcheck on an Exchange 2007 server that does NOT Outlook or the  Standalone installation package for MAPI and CDO installed.

Note about OABInteg and Vista -  I have not tested OABInteg on a Vista workstation. I do not anticipate any problems, however if you do have any problems please report them to me so I can look in to them.


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