OABInteg – The dumpPDNtable test is now a MAPI test

I wanted to post an update for OABInteg. I have been really busy as of late writing the Beta 2 Offline Address Book internal training, so I have not had a chance to work on OABInteg as much as I would have liked too. One change that I needed to mention was the dumpPDNtable test.

To avoid confusion, I have changed this test from an LDAP test to a MAPI test. If you have the latest version of OABInteg you will notice that when you run this test you will be prompted for a profile. You still need to provide a server name; however this parameter will now be ignored for the test.

There are two main reasons behind this:

1. I wanted to be able to produce the most accurate results when querying the Global Address List. Now this test will query the Global Address List the same way that the OAB Generation process does.

2. When I finish this test OABInteg will download the attachments from the public folder information store, and compare the PDN table to the data that was obtained from the Global Address List objects. This will show the PDNs that have been added or removed, thus showing the problematic objects. This is dependent on using a MAPI profile for logging on to the information store, and cannot be done via LDAP.

I will post progress updates when I can.


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