Standalone installation package for MAPI and CDO

An installation package is now available. For more information please refer to this following link:

Some details about this package:

  • The build is 6.5.7830 (From the Exchange 2003 tree).

  • The CDO included here is the one normally shipped with Exchange, meaning it does not have the security dialogs that the Outlook 2003 build of CDO has.

  • The installer will NOT install MAPI and CDO on machines with either Exchange or Outlook already installed.

  • This includes Outlook 2007. The CDO only download will work with Outlook 2007.

  • This package is NOT redistributable. We do encourage third party products downloading the installer and running it during their installation as long as the install is not silent.


Comments (6)

  1. It’s official, this is the first weekend reading of the Summer (and what a great Summer we have here…

  2. With all of the extensive troubleshooting and debugging that I have done over the last year for OAB generation

  3. This document covers two important tests from the Offline Address Book Integrity (OABINTEG) tool: 1.

  4. There has been some questions on the newsgroups with regards to installing Outlook 2007 on an Exchange

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