Visual Studio 2010, Fx 4 Beta 2 Training Kit


Hopefully by now you've heard Visual Studio 2010 and Fx 4 Beta have shipped, if you live in Oz and not an MSDN subscriber then the best place to download it from is 

If you are feeling a bit nervous about installing on your base machine then install it in a Virtual Machine, it works just fine!! 

There is a great set of training resources for Visual Studio 2010 & Fx 4 Beta 2 in the form of the Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 Training Kit and check out for more great learning materials.

You'll find material covering

  1. What's new for Common Language Runtime

  2. ASP.NET 4

  3. Windows

  4. Windows Workflow

  5. Windows Communication Foundation

  6. Silverlight

  7. Data Access

  8. Parallel Computing

  9. Extensibility Framework

  10. Application Lifecycle Management

so check it out and get up to speed fast with the Visual Studio 2010 and Fx 4 Beta 2!!

P_500 Ohhh, lol, I have installed VS2010 Beta 2 on my ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-H with 2 gigs of RAM, running Windows 7, that plus TFS 2010 B2 Basic - ok, it's not going to set any speed records but useable and fun for trying stuff out esp when you are on the move.

Cheers Dave

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