ADNUG: Building Line of Business Applications with Silverlight and the Alexandria Framework

In case you missed Peter's announcement, I'm doing a session on Wed Feb 11th at the ADNUG meeting on the Alexandria Framework, it's well cool, so hopefully we'll see you there!!

Session Description

Silverlight introduced a great media experience; Silverlight 2 added a control model making it easier to build applications, and now Alexandria takes this to the next stage and introduces a powerful and productive framework to build real business applications for RIA (Rich Internet Applications).   This session covers n-tier development; data sorting, filtering and paging; validation; and authentication and roles services provided by the Alexandria Framework, this is what you have been waiting for!!

Where: SA Innovation Centre ,  Level 2, Westpac House, 91 King William Street, Adelaide .

Visitors welcome. See below for Programme.


  • 5.45 pm Finger food and Drinks.
  • 6.15 pm Questions and answers. Bring along your .Net problems for discussion from members.
  • 6.25 pm Dave Glover DPE  - Microsoft  -  Building cross platform "Line of Business" Applications with Silverlight and the Alexandria Framework
  • 7.30 pm Peter Griffith  - GUI-Visuals  -  An Intro to Green ICT
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