Free Silverlight training day in Melbourne!

When: Saturday 21st February 2009 - 9:00am to 4:30pm.

  • Cost: Absolutely Nothing. Zip. Nada... $0.00
  • Where: Cliftons, Level 2 - 440 Collins St, Melbourne
  • Contact:

The Silverlight Designer and Designer Network has been a little quiet since its first meeting in December - but there is a great reason! We've been busy organising this fantastic event.

The day will be instructor lead - with the trainees following along each and every step. Yep that's right - no boring reading and doing labs... everything is run through by the instructor. In our experience this method simply rocks. Also, we hate PowerPoint slides - so we've kept them to an absolute minimum. Be ready to jump straight in to the goods.

We'll cover:

  • Introduction to Silverlight and XAML
  • Expression Blend
  • Control Templates
  • Networking
  • Media
  • Plus more... (like animation etc)

If that sounds like a lot to cover in one day, then you'd be right... we'll be setting a cracking pace. Each lab will be made available as a handout which you can go over later.

The day is aimed at those who have never used Silverlight before but have some familiarity with web technologies. This includes both designers and developers.

During the session there will always be two specialists available to help you out if you get stuck (the third will be up the front directing the class).

What do you have to bring?

It's really quite easy... NOTHING. You will be provided with a machine with all the required software and course material.

This day is simply not to be missed -> next time you can almost guarantee we won't be able to do it for free. So get in fast to secure your spot!

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