Great set of JavaScript Learning Resources

Caught Damian's most excellent JQuery session at VictoriaDotNet last week and was reminded just how poor my understanding of JavaScript is.  JQuery will be part of the ASP.NET platform and will ship as part of MVC Framework, check out Scott's MVC Category on his blog - Also see this ASP.NET and JQuery PDC session.

Damian referenced an excellent set of training resources at, the ones to catch are by Douglas Crockford's starting with the "The JavaScript Programming Language" series, followed by "Advanced JavaScript", and finally "An Inconvenient API: The Theory of the DOM".  Best bet is to download the video files from the site, you can stream but quality not as good!!

The sessions are chunked up in to 30 minute segments, the first has a good historical overview the rest covers off how the language works with plenty of surprises!! 

Enjoy, cheers Dave.

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