Running Windows 7 on my ASUS Eee PC 1000H Netbook

imageNow that Windows 7 beta 1 is out in the wild I can't resist sharing my experiences with Windows 7 Beta 1 on my ASUS Eee PC 1000H Netbook (also see My ASUS Eee PC 1000H Netbook and Windows Vista Experiences)  I did a fresh install and the system is upgraded with 2GB RAM, 2GB ReadyBoost SD card, 200GB disk.

To help you get up and running with Windows 7 I've listed the device drivers, software packages I've installed that work just fine plus a few minor tweaks I made!!

First impressions are awesome, system is responsive, stable, search is fast, battery life great and the environment is more consistent and visually appealing.

I love the new unified taskbar with application preview that IMHO combines the best of previous generation Windows and OS X Taskbars and makes for a much more consistent experience.

Battery life on the system is pretty similar to running Windows XP and Vista.  With the network off, screen dimmed, power set to 'Power saver' then getting 5 or so hours, watched part of a movie, did some email, read a few docs, edited a few pictures, wrote this blog item etc..  Yes, you'll notice better memory utilisation but I have 2 gig of RAM installed so not really much of an issue.

Stuff I love

There are a ton of great reviews on the web about Windows 7 and this entry is more about my experiences on the ASUS Eee PC, but a quick summary of the cool stuff I like:-

  • Attention to detail, example the wifi control applet, sticky notes, calculator (tons of new stuff), ribbons added to Paint, Wordpad (see Small Screen UI Optimization for Office - it's applicable for all Ribbon enabled apps)
  • Libraries are a great way for you to consolidate multiple folders of similar items (eg Pictures) and manage, search, sort, filter etc as if they were one.
  • Integrated DivX Codecs see, yup freely available today, but great now just part of the platform, tested and supported.
  • Gadgets anywhere on your desktop.
  • The eye candy, yup, I know, shallow, but the built-in themes are beautiful, love the Australian theme and I assume themes will be available by region.
  • PowerShell 2 and an Integrated script Editor/Debugger.
  • Creating and mounting VHDs (Virtual Hard Disk format used by Virtual PC, Server, Hyper-V Server)
  • clip_image001key combination takes the sweat out of selecting your video output!!
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery (see tweaks below, not specific to Windows 7) - Photo fixing, Tagging, Face Detection along with search and filtering is phenomenal!!

Stuff I'm not sure about

  • Windows Experience Index - Doesn't seem to reflect the "Super Hybrid Engine" Power modes, either a problem with the ASUS Utility on Windows 7 not working or Windows 7 Beta 1 Experience Index issue, I think the latter.
  • LAN traffic slow, wifi works as expected.

Setup and Drivers

Most of what I needed for Windows 7 on my ASUS Eee PC 1000H was part of the default install but I had to manually install the network drivers and ASUS utilities. 

Also be sure to install the "Update for Windows 7" and run Windows Update after the network drivers are installed!!

Chipset/Graphics Diver

Mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family

Installed as part of Windows 7 but run Windows Update for the latest release of drivers from Intel.  As at time of writing this was pre release version

Wireless Network


Installed driver only ->

LAN Driver

Atheros AR81Family Windows Driver x86/x64(Vista, XP, Server 2003)

Current Version:


Advanced Configuration and Power Interface Driver

Patched driver from fixes Vista and Windows 7 driver incompatibility.

ASUS Utilities

Super Hybrid Engine Utility for Windows XP
Current Version: V1.04 - works on top of patched ACPI Driver.

Software Installed

  • Office 2007 fully Service Packed
  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1
  • Expression Blend V2 SP1 and Design V2
  • Silverlight 2 SDK and Silverlight Visual Studio Addin
  • Windows Live Essentials - Windows Live Photo Gallery, Live Messenger etc
  • Skype 4.0 Beta (Skype 3.x not supported on Windows 7) - tweaked recording device 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)
  • Adobe Reader
  • Zune 3.1
  • Twitter Clients - Twhirl and Witty


  • CCleaner
  • WinRAR - useful for unpacking ISO files while Daemon tools not working on Windows 7
  • Daemon tools for now doesn't install:(


Bar the changes listed below everything else is as default - Super Fetch running, Aero running - Aero auto switches off when on battery and Power Saver mode selected.

  • Disk Advanced Performance: Device Manager -> Disk Drives -> Properties for system drive -> Policies -> Enable: Turn off Windows write-cache buffer flushing on the device (ensure you read the warning!!)
  • Windows Update once a week: Ok, yes probably not best practice.
  • For Skype voice calls set recording device 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality), default setting wasn't so great.
  • Set Windows Live Photo Gallery as default photo manager: Start -> Default Programs -> Set your default programs -> Windows Live Photo Gallery -> Set this program as default
  • Set Windows Live Photo Gallery as default Autoplay for photos: Start -> Default Programs -> Change Autoplay Settings -> Pictures -> Import Pictures and Videos with Windows Live Photo Gallery




Enjoy Windows 7 beta 1 on your Netbook and be sure to send your feedback to the product group via the "Send Feedback" links scattered across most parts of the OS.

Cheers Dave

Comments (13)

  1. adamsjw2 says:

    Cannot update chipset on my Asus 1000HD. Install terminates with "Not supported on this OS. " Any ideas? TIA

  2. dave glover says:

    thinking about it I reckon I installled the vista chipset driver then I think it auto updated…

  3. Ian says:

    Thanks for your comprehensive report

  4. jordan says:

    cant get instant keeys working or any functions.

    installed S.H.E and will not run

  5. dave glover says:

    hmmm, S.H.E (Super Hybrid Engine) works just fine on my system and function keys operate as expected as do the programable keys.  Did you installed the patched ACPI driver and maybe run MSCONFIG and check under the startup tab that the AsAcpisvr.exe program is installed and ticked…  Cheers Dave

  6. adamsjw2 says:

    Dave, great post. On my 1000HD with Win7 I can’t get Aero effects at all. When I try to update the display adapter from the Intel 915/GSM to 945 chipset you mention above, I get "Operating System not Supported" I receive this when I switch compatibility to XP or Vista. Any suggestions. TIA.

  7. MonkeyPaw says:

    I’m currently using the latest Vista32 drivers for the Intel graphics on my 904HA/Win7 build. Just download them in zip format, and then manually install them from device manager. The reason I’m not using the Win7 driver from windows update is because the ACPI driver looks for the Intel graphics background apps, which for some reason don’t install on the Win7 drivers. Otherwise, everything else works great without much prodding. Battery life is around 5 hours on my 6 cell. Nice work, MS.

  8. Rocco says:

    How fast is it compared with XP home?

  9. Dave Glover says:

    I found running Vista was faster the XP (but I upped the RAM to 2GB) and found Windows 7 faster than Vista…  Didnt measure, but that was my perception.  Cheers Dave

  10. jing jing jing says:

    I also Running Windows 7 on MSI U100

    Running well.

    And the windows 7 can find the wireless Driver for me~

  11. Justin says:

    i am running the windows 7 beta on my 1000h also, however i am having trouble with the ethernet plug in, i use it to play xbox live however it doesnt even recognize that i have it plugged in, when i was running xp i never had a problem but now i cant find a driver install for my ethernet plugin. any advise or links?

    help appreciated thanks

  12. My team at Microsoft won a diversity award and part of the prize was a new Asus EeePC . I’m installing

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