Oh I’m so in Lust!! – The first full review of HTC Touch HD published



cut and paste from MSMobiles


  • at last a smartphone that eclipses iPhone but is powered by Windows Mobile
  • display is not only big [bigger than in iPhone] but is also precise in usage and reacts quickly to finger input, what means that in most cases one does not need to pull out the stylus!
  • HTC TouchFLO 3D that is in built-in into HTC Touch HD is better than TouchWiz user interface add-on from Samsung Omnia
  • HTC TouchFLO 3D has new tab: stock price
  • processor: 528 MHz from Qualcomm
  • memory: working memory is 288 MB and storage is 512 MB, on top of that this phone has microSDHC card slot for cards up to 32 GB (now on the market very cheap 16 GB microSDHC cards are available but 32 GB size must be coming soon too)
  • HTC Touch HD is better than iPhone for web browsing because not only it has bigger display but also more pixels: 800x480 compared to 320x480 of iPhone [i.e. 2.5 times more]; in other words: many web sites can be seen clearly without the need to scroll
  • apparently quality of photos of the 5 megapixel camera of HTC Touch HD is lower than of other phones with 5 megapixel camera; authors of the review claim that the reason is that other phones use Carl Zeiss optics and HTC Touch HD uses no-name lenses
  • camera has selective focus, i.e. you touch the object on the photo that should get focus, so situation can be avoided where focus is on some area of no interest
  • low resolution camera for video calling is also available (note: iPhone cannot do video calling at all)
  • the 3.5 mm stereo miniplug is available and can be used with built-in FM radio
  • battery capacity is 1350 mAh and thanks to chipset from Qualcom it is possible to achieve very long battery life also with use of 3G (UMTS/HSDPA)

To learn more, visit review of HTC Touch HD and a part where video review of HTC Touch HD is available (scroll down to the bottom to get to video) and a part where touch-to-focus is presented on photos.


Cheers Dave

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  1. Confused? says:

    Why does everyone feel the need to compare new phones to the iPhone?

    Is this phone not good enough to be judged on its own merits?

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