Microsoft Hyper-V Server Now Available (Hyper-V role only Server)

In case you missed this, but of couple of days ago we released Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008, it is designed to minimize host resources, it’s a free of charge but it does NOT contain any guest licenses, essentially it Windows Server Core 2008 with just the Hyper-V Role and some simple command line config tools……


Oh I’m so in Lust!! – The first full review of HTC Touch HD published   cut and paste from MSMobiles   at last a smartphone that eclipses iPhone but is powered by Windows Mobile display is not only big [bigger than in iPhone] but is also precise in usage and reacts quickly to finger input, what means that in most cases one does not need to pull out…


PDC and Windows 7 goes “Boy Band” and “So you think you can dance”, ya gotta watch!!

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