Getting Started with Windows SharePoint Services & Server 2007 – Useful Resources

As promised here are the most useful resources I found on the web to get you started with SharePoint Workflow.  I've listed off in order of what I found to be most usefulJ

What you need to get going with SharePoint Workflow Development

For more complex workflows with Visual Studio 2005 (than with Office SharePoint Designer 2007) then it's probably easier to install VS 2005 on to your SharePoint server as you need the SharePoint workflow assemblies that are installed on the server. Yup, not ideal, there are work arounds but my recommendation would be to keep simple to start with)

Set up a system as follows

  1. Windows Server SP1 (or R2) fully patched

  2. .NET Framework 3.0 for the Workflow Foundation

  3. SharePoint Server 2007 (of Windows SharePoint Services)

  4. Visual Studio 2005

  5. Visual Studio 2005 Extensions for WF

  6. SharePoint Visual Studio Templates

    1. Workflow Developer Starter Kit for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0

    2. ECM Starter Kit for 2007 Office System

    1. SharePoint SDK Download and Online

      1. Notably: How to: Manually Configure a Workflow Project

  7. SharePoint Designer 2007 – for wizard based workflows – trail version here or off MSDN Subscriber downloads and see attached hands on lab documentation.

What's attached?

Cheers and enjoy, Dave

Sharepoint Workflow

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  1. As promised attached to this blog post is the Office 2007 UI Extensibility demo code and XML, load it

  2. Here is another nice post about the useful resources for the SharePoint technologies: http://blogs.msdn

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