Upgrading to Team Foundation Server SP1 – Workgroup Version and a Gotcha!!

Well SP1 for Team Foundation Server is out and so thought time to upgrade "Possibly the World's Smallest Team Foundation Server" to the latest and greatest!!

Alas I struck a gotcha along the way – but all good now and this is a system I really care about!!

  1. You need to install KB919156 first – you'll get notified of this if you don't. You can find it from http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=919156

  2. If you are running Team Foundation Server Workgroup edition and you have 5 users (max for this license) in your "Team Foundation Licensed Users" Membership Group then you will almost certainly strike 28002 Error Unknown when installing the KB919156 fix.

    The work around is to remove one of your users from the "Team Foundation Licensed Users" Membership Group – thanks Marcel de Vries, see his related article here... Alas this seems to be an issue for the RTM of the Service Pack as well...

    Having removed a user from the "Team Foundation Licensed Users" Membership don't add the user back until you have installed the TFS Service pack else like me you'll strike the 28002 Error Unknown again and you'll have to cancel the install, remove the user then restart the installation.

  3. Install the TFS SP1

  4. Add your user back to the "Team Foundation Licensed Users" group

  5. PhewJ

Just been talking to Chuck about my experiences with the upgrade and he made a point about backing up before you upgrade!! - check out Team Foundation Backup and Restore first...

Cheers, Happy Upgrading and Happy Christmas, Dave

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  1. I was just chatting with Dave Glover and he mentioned he had just finished upgrading our Team TFS Server

  2. My VSTS Blog says:

    Prerequisites Download the neccessary files Download the Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server Service

  3. Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)" より Upgrading to Team Foundation Server SP1 – Workgroup Version and a Gotcha!!

  4. Ponder .NET says:

    I’ve done a few lab-based upgrades to TFS SP1 and one production upgrade. I definately recommend you

  5. I've spent the last day and a half migrating our Team Foundation Server from a test box (setup to

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