You must install SP2 of SQL 2005 Express on Windows Vista RTM

If like me, you might have ignored the "compatibility" warning message when installing SQL 2005 Express SP1 on pre RTM builds of Vista. It would still install and for messing around/testing it didn't seem to make too much difference.

Well with the RTM build of Windows Vista installing SQL Express 2005 SP1 will now fail midway so you must install SQL Server 2005 Express SP2 – currently available as a CTP build from

I'm assuming the same will be true on the SQL Server Developer Edition...

Cheers, Dave

Comments (3)

  1. David Burela says:


    Might hold of on updating my development PC for a little while then. Thanks for the heads up

  2. Paul Turner says:

    I have SQL Server 2005 Developer Ed, works fine on Vista.  You just have to install IIS (with the IIS 6 compatablility turned on).

    Oh… and run the install as Admin or turn off UAC for the install.

  3. Kurbli says:

    Ugyan mi a retket vizsgálódtunk (béta tesztelők) néhány tízezren? Az újdonság varázsát, a hardware birkózást?

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