You must install SP2 of SQL 2005 Express on Windows Vista RTM

If like me, you might have ignored the “compatibility” warning message when installing SQL 2005 Express SP1 on pre RTM builds of Vista. It would still install and for messing around/testing it didn’t seem to make too much difference. Well with the RTM build of Windows Vista installing SQL Express 2005 SP1 will now fail…


Driving in Bolivia – Ya gotta check this out – fun/humour

This is quite possibly doing the rounds on the Internet at the moment – but wow, suddenly Italian motorways don’t seem so terrifying 😉 See attachment, it’s been scanned for viruses… Cheers, Dave DrivingInBolivia.pps


Get Started Building Windows Vista Gadgets

Alrighty, well I had a couple of opportunities to present on Windows Sidebar Gadgets of recent and as promised I’ve attached to this posting the working demo and a hands on lab to get you up and running with your own funky Windows Vista Gadget. There are a couple of useful websites on Gadgets One…


The i-Mate Smartflip SmartPhone Just Rocks!! A quick Review

Ok, I’m a gadget/phone nut and I spotted this Smartflip Smartphone awhile back and had one of those impulse purchase moments about 6 weeks ago and unlike me, this phone is near flawlessJ It’s definitely survived the honeymoon period and no buyer’s remorse, it’s a delight and just had to blog about it!! I reckon…


Tips and Tricks for building Smartphone applications

Ta da, well I think I’ve finally finished the next version on my Convert It app targeting the Windows Mobile Smartphone and the Compact Framework V1. I’ve developed most of this version using Windows Vista X64 RC1 running on a system identical to this AMD Dual Core System using Possibly The World’s Smallest Team Foundation…


Sign up for the Dec 2nd Victoria.NET and MOSSIG Hands On Day

We’re running a Hands on Experience day with Victoria.NET and MOSSIG (Microsoft Office SIG) on Dec 2nd and you can register here on the website, places limited!! This will be a great chance to get your hands dirty with the new developer technologies that have now shipped with Windows Vista (and Windows XP) and…