I’ve Posted the Windows Communication Foundation June CTP Demo code from Aug 3rd ADNUG/MSDN Update here

Great to see you at the ADNUG/MSDN WCF Part II session last week.

I’ve posted the demos I fired up that target the June CTP release of Windows Communication Foundation here. 

I chose the June bits mainly because we released June Orcas addons for Visual Studio 2005 (we didn’t for July).

The demos covered these scenarios

1)      Sessions – managing service object lifecycle – percall, persession and single (see ADNUGSvc, MathService.cs)

2)      Swapping transport bindings from TCP to MSMQ without having to touch the codebase

3)      Transactions – enlisting SQL 2005 express in to a client initiated transaction

4)      Right mouse click the App.config files and select “Edit WCF Configuration” and try various binding and security settings!!

You see some remnants of  the demo code from the Windows SDK...

There are 5 projects that effectively make up two solutions

1)      To try out scenarios 1 & 2 then start up the ConHost and MathClient projects. When you start ConHost it will create a private MSMQ queue called Customer if it does not already exist.

2)      To try out the Transactions then start up TxService and TxWinClient projects.

You need to install the following bits.

1)      Windows XP with MSMQ plus the June CTPs of Framework V3, Windows SDK and Orcas addons for Visual Studio 2005

2)      Windows Vista June CTP, MSMQ, plus the June CTPs of the Windows SDK and Orcas addons (yup the framework V3 comes as part of Vista install)

3)      You can get all the June CTP bits from here and remember to check out http://www.netfx3.com/


Cheers Dave

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  1. Kris says:

    The link for the demos doesn’t work.

  2. Roger says:

    Hi Dave,

    thanks for your talk last week, it looks like we are going to start developing web services using WCF so you talk was really relevent.

  3. Dave Glover says:

    Hi Kris, sorry spotted the link prob as well, it’s fixed now:) Cheers, Dave

  4. Dave Glover says:

    Great and thanks for the feedback Roger, drop us a line when you get some stuff up and running as would great to see what you come up with!!

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