WebDU ASP.NET V2 and Atlas Demos are now posted

For those of you at the WebDU Conference last week who made it to our breakfast session on March 3rd then you can find my whirlwind demo at http://projectdistributor.net/Projects/Project.aspx?projectId=194.

It's a combination of the Visual Studio 2005 Launch ASP.NET (Whidbey Rocks) demo with the latest Atlas (for AJAX style web apps) Jan 2006 bits.  The download project includes all the Atlas bits so you don't need to download Atlas to get this sample working.

Check out the Tickets.aspx page for the Parent/Child Data Binding with the partial refresh Atlas support, no pesty post backs, hmmm nice and smooth!!  Check out the site.master for the autocomplete search box - see the words.txt file for the demo word list

For more info on Atlas see http://www.nikhilk.net/AtlasM1.aspx and http://atlas.asp.net for the Quickstart Tutorials.


PS, you can load the project with the copy of Visual Studio 2005 you got from the conference or use the Free of Charge "Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition" available from http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/

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