ASP.NET V2 Demo Files Available for Download from the Australian Visual Studio 2005 Launch Tour

Phew, well sorry for being quiet on my blog!!  As a number of you might of guessed it's been heads down with the Austalian Visual Studio Launch Tour.  We'll that's finished now it was fun (well except the demo hell bits, hmmm...), hopefully you enjoyed and great to catch up with you!!

As requested I have now bundled up the complete ASP.NET V2 demo and it can be found at

The zip file includes the following

  1. Detailed demo notes in .doc and .htm format
  2. SQL Script to create the Demo database
  3. Notes on setting up the membership system to point at full installation of SQL Server 2005, else use SQL 2005 Express and though I've not tried it, the SQL Script should run just fine in SQL 2000
  4. The start-up ASP.NET demo skeleton project
  5. The completed and working demo project
  6. Visual Studio 2005 demo code snippets (plus a readme on how to install the snippets)

It should be pretty clear how to get the project up and running, but if you have problem please leave me a comment against this blog item...

There were 2 additional demos I would have liked to have done, the first was a complete Web Parts Demo and the second was a custom Object Datasource, gods willing I'll get some sample code up on this blog and might even try my hand at a webcast:-)

Cheers and Happy Christmas, Dave

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