What’s New In Convert It 2.6

  1. Results are now displayed on a separate page (in version 2.2 it was not always obvious how to escape the results page)
  2. Tax, Tip and Split added to the Currency Conversion panel
  3. New Conversion Categories added, including 'Volume', 'Angle', 'Pressure' and 'Time'
  4. Create your own Conversion Categories with ease!

    1. Create, modify, reorder, and delete Conversion Categories.

      1. eg Create a "My Trip" Currency Category, add the currencies for all your stopovers and then perform an Online Update to download the latest rates.

    2. Set the default startup category.

  5. Full editing of a Category

    1. Create, modify, reorder and delete Category Items.

      1. Insert special characters/symbols using the &#nnn; syntax (eg © equals the '©' character).  A good reference site for symbols can be found at http://de.selfhtml.org/html/referenz/zeichen.htm.

    2. Set the default category item.
    3. Change the category base reference.

  6. Online Updates.  Will display all categories eligible for online updates (via web services requests), namely Currency and Stock Quote Categories along with the date and time they were last updated, then just press [Update] (requires Internet connectivity from your Smartphone) to get the latest rates.
  7. Enhanced About Box, now includes a "Version Check" option, to check if you have the latest version and where you can find the latest release of Convert It (requires Internet connectivity from your Smartphone).
  8. Smartphone VGA and QVGA aware and "Convert It" will maximise the use of the display area.

Installation Locations

See http://blogs.msdn.com/dglover/articles/481677.aspx

Change Log

see http://blogs.msdn.com/dglover/articles/481679.aspx

Comments (7)
  1. Pat Mosco says:

    Hi, just tried your new version and it’s much better. Well done!

  2. Luc Lamote says:

    Dave, Nice program.

    But one question; I was able to create a category (Force), but how do I add the individual measurements?

    I want to add in the category force the convertion from Foot.lbs to Newton meter.

    but where and how do I add the values for Foot.lbs & Newton meter

  3. Dave Glover says:

    Luc, if you have a Smartphone 2003 SE then just scroll down to the newly created category and click the action button.

    Failing that scroll down to the newly created Category and then click the Options menu and select 1 to Edit Ratios and enter in your ratios for the different forces you want to convert between..

    Hope this makes sence – when i get a moment I’ll write a users guide:-)

    Cheers, Dave

  4. Mike says:

    Hey Dave, Love this program. I’ve added a couple of catalogs, which was a lot of thumb typing! Is there any way to back up my work in case my phone crashes or I have to update the ROM or I have to reinstall this program?

  5. Dave Glover says:

    Hi there Mike, think answered this over email but for others then just navigate to the progam fileconvertit directory and copy off the systemdata and categorydata directories to your PC via active sync, reset your device, reload Convert It and copy the directories back on to the device.

    The next version has a backup option, still finishing of that plus the new tracking function (which allows for user defined tracking forms to do things such as expense tracking) its defo a spare time passtime for the next month or so..

    Cheers, Dave

  6. Ah, well I’ve finally finished and posted the next version of my Smartphone Universal Conversion app

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