Convert It 2.6 for your Windows Smartphone has been release; Source Code and Compiled Cab available for download

Well writing this version has been both fun and frustrating, but mostly fun given I've learnt a stack and pleased with the result!!

"Convert It" runs on a Windows Mobile Smartphone with the Compact Framework V1 installed on it, essentially Windows Mobile 2003(inc SE) and above!! As the name suggests it does conversions.

It supports four types of conversions

  1. Currency
  2. Measures
  3. Temperature
  4. Stock Quotes

and features

  1. Currency conversions with Tax, Tip and Split options
  2. Currency conversions work offline
  3. Full online updating of Currency Rates and Stock Quotes
  4. Unit Conversions including Length, Area, Volume, Angle, Speed, Weight, Pressure, Time, Computer and any you want to add yourself.
  5. Temperature Conversions, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin
  6. Create, edit, reorder your own Conversion Categories with ease all from your phone.
  7. Set the default startup category and default category items
  8. Version Checking from the About Screen
  9. Supports Smartphone VGA and QVGA Displays

The source code is available at, download it, install the test certificates (before loading the project in to Visual Studio 2005), pick it to pieces and get going on you own .NET Compact Framework Smartphone or Pocket PC (inc Phone Edition) project!!:-)


  1. Download the file from one of the Installation Locations
  2. From Activesync copy the cab file to a known location on your Smartphone - suggest the "\Windows\Start Menu\Accessories" directory, once copied then from your Smartphone navigate to the the Accessories menu and click on it to start the installation process.  An application shortcut will appear on the Start Menu. 

General Overview of Convert It
For more information on Convert It 2.6 click here.

What's New
Check out what's new in Version 2.6 which builds upon Version 2.2.

Change Log

Many thanks to Peter for time, suggestions and testing, awesome and really appreciated!!

Comments (6)

  1. Hi Dave,

    I’ve installed Convert-It yesterday on my Windows Mobile 5 smartphone. I find it really useful for my needs, expecially when I’m on travel outside Italy and I need conversions. Nice to see that there are lots of choice and currencies. A good work.

  2. Luc Lamote says:

    Dave, Nice program. I immediately took a liking to it.

    I have succeeded in creating a new category (Force), for I use this frequently to convert Ft.lbs into Nm, but how do I enter the measurements into this category?

  3. Dave Glover says:

    hi there thanks for the feedback guys, really appreciated!!

    Luc, if you have a Smartphone 2003 SE then just scroll down to the newly created category and click the action button.

    Failing that scroll down to the newly created Category and then click the Options menu and select 1 to Edit Ratios and enter in your ratios for the different forces you want to convert between..

    Hope this makes sence – when i get a moment I’ll write a users guide:-)

    Cheers, Dave

  4. Luc Lamote says:


    I think I’ve got it. Thanks

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