Creating Typed Datasets from an XSD for the Compact Framework V2

An interesting question came my way today on how to auto generate a Typed Dataset class from an XSD targeting the Compact Framework - check out

The xsd.exe tool that ships with Visual Studio 2005 generates incompatible classes for the Compact Framework...

Check out what's new in the Compact Framework Version 2 at

Cheers, Dave

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  1. Moojjoo says:

    How do you obtain a msdn blog? Do you have to be an employee of Microsoft? Please let me know. I will check back at your blog Thanks.

  2. Dave Glover says:

    Hi there Robert, I’m sorry, but is a Microsoft Employee thing only.

    You are probably familiar with other blogger sites, but is pretty cool…

  3. Moojjoo says:

    Thanks so much dglover.

    I currently use

    I really like the Calendar option on MSDN’s blogs.

  4. Andrew Mann says:

    Thanks DGlover,

    We have actually tried the object but they have discontinued the object since release of Vs2005 Beta. We found issues with the object and unfortunately they are not going to update it anymore.

    We can create a CF compatible typed Dataset using the Dataset designer in VS2005. It would just be nice to be able to create a CF compatible one from Schema file (xsd) with a tool like xsd.exe. Maybe MS will give us one 😉


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