TechEd 2006: Call for technical session papers

Michael Kleef posted the following on his blog and was keen for the rest of the team to get the message out as well – so if you are interested in getting actively involved with TechEd 2006 in Oz then read on and click the link to his site.  Dave TechEd 2006: Call for technical…


Creating Typed Datasets from an XSD for the Compact Framework V2

An interesting question came my way today on how to auto generate a Typed Dataset class from an XSD targeting the Compact Framework – check out  The xsd.exe tool that ships with Visual Studio 2005 generates incompatible classes for the Compact Framework… Check out what’s new in the Compact Framework Version 2 at…


MSDN Subscriptions for Visual Studio 2005 – Online Pricing Calculator

Check out the online pricing calculator – it’s available in 13 different currencies at Remember if you want to go with VSTS then make sure you sign up for MSDN Universal (Australia) by Oct 31st, 2005 – see


Convert It for your Windows Mobile Smartphone – General Overview

“Convert It 2.6” runs on Windows Mobile Smartphones with the Compact Framework V1 preinstalled, essentially Windows Mobile 2003 (inc SE) and above!! “Convert It” supports four types of conversions Currency Measures Temperature Stock Quotes and features Currency conversions with Tax, Tip and Split options Currency conversions work offline Full online updating of Currency Rates and…


Convert It Source Code Locations

Source Code Download Locations This application is written in C# using Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 and Sept RC, you’ll need to ensure the test certificates are installed!!


Convert It Future Versions

Currently you can not update the Category Catalogue directly from the Phone so for now if you want to modify the Catalogue or the Category definitions you’ll need to ActiveSync the phone.  From the application, see “Options -> 5 Update ->3 Update Category” for more information on where the configuration XML files are kept on your device….


Convert It Change Log

Version 2.6 Date: Dec 2005: QVGA Screen Support, now looks good on the new generation Windows Mobile V5 Smartphones Version 2.5 Date: Nov 2005: Following features added Results displayed on a separate panel for a more consistent user experience Catalogue and Category Editor Added Additional Category Ratios added – ‘Volume’, ‘Angle’, ‘Pressure’ and ‘Time’ Unlimited…


Convert It Installation Locations

You can install Convert It for the Windows Mobile Smartphone from these locations Version 2.6: From Version 2.6: from Version 2.6: From on Darren’s most excellent Project Distributor site


Convert It 2.2+ XML Schema Definitions

Catalogue.XML Four Conversion Types are supported Measures: General Linear Conversions eg 1inch = 2.5 CMs etc Currency: Currency Definitions.  Categories of type “Currency” can be updated via the Currency Rate Web Service provided free of charge by For valid Currency Symbols see – the 3 Character Symbols (eg GBP = United Kingdom Pounds)…


New "Convert It 2.2 for Windows Mobile Smartphone" Conversion Categories Submitted

Many thanks to Peter Bonge for submitting some new conversion categories and for giving me feedback on how to make the application better, much appreciated:-) I’ve posted his categories at and have combined them in to “Convert It V2.2” Thanks Peter!! If anyone else has any conversion categories they are willing to share…