What’s New for ASP.NET V2 Web Service Developers in the .NET Framework 2.0

Spotted the page on my travels yesterday and it's a great summary of what is new for Web Services Developers in ASP.NET V2 and .NET Framework V2 covering:-

  1. Productivity

    1. Automatic data binding to data returned from Web services - proxy generates properties rather than fields!!
    2. Event-Based Asynchronous Programming Model for calling Web Services
    3. Type Sharing using the wsdl.exe /sharetypes switch

  2. Extensibility

    1. Imperative serialization using IXmlSerializable
    2. Schema Importer Extensions
    3. Web Services Anywhere with the System.Net.HttpListener

  3. Performance

    1. Pre-generation of serialization assemblies with SGEN.EXE
      Note you can also do this from Visual Studio 2005 B2 for a Windows Client Project:  From Project Properties->Select Build Tab->Generate Serialization Assembly:On

    2. SOAP Reply Compression support for IIS 6.0 HTTP Compression

  4. Interoperability and Standards

    1. Support for WS-I Basic Profile 1.0
    2. Support for W3C SOAP 1.2

Anyway check it out from here.

Cheers, Dave

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  1. Paul Turner says:

    Fantastic… the binding problem with Web Services was the issue I was talking about the other day…

    Glad it is fixed. Now I just need to port my code.


    BTW: I have the pricing and dates up on my blog for the next round of training.

  2. Dave Glover says:

    Ahhh cool on all counts. Yes funny how what you were talking about was one of the first things I stumbled over off this site, brill!!

    Your ASP.NET training offer looks well cool!! http://spaces.msn.com/members/ptnt/

    Cheers, Dave

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