Adelaide OZ ADNUG/KAZ July 05 Code Camp/Code Fest/Skills Fest – A Rose By Any Name

It was this time last Saturday that we were getting fired up with the first of the session of the day and it reminded me that I was still yet to blog about this useful and hopefully fun/interesting day for all!! 

For those who couldn't make it, then the aim of the day was to grow Development skills in South Australia on SQL 2005 and DotNetNuke.  The second objective is that you'll want to take your newly acquired skills and help make the ADNUG Website a show case site and have something tangible to show off your developer capabilities to potential employers - so please do get behind this project and make it a success. 

From all the feedback I had and seeing everyone hooking in to the labs then the day was a great success and many thanks to you for taking the time out of your weekend time to attend!!

So that said I'd like to express my thanks for all the effort that was done for the community day and out of everyone's personal time:-

  • KAZ for the use of their premises over the weekend and for hiring in additional PCs, it was seriously appreciated by all. 
  • Jeff Headley (KAZ) and Peter Griffith (ADNUG) for their boundless energy to pull all the threads together to make the day a reality!!
  • Phil Beadle (MVP ASP.NET) who tirelessly ran the full day DotNetNuke Stream
  • Jeremy Huppatz (EDS SQL Guru and Adelaide SQL User Group) for running the SQL Infrastructure section.
  • Jeff and Paul Turner (also lab proctor) for all their effort to set up (and dismantle) the systems the night before - many of you would not have been aware that these guys were up very late setting the systems up and flawless it was too - thanks guys, I know it's a shed load of work!!

For those of you who attended my SQL 2005 CLR Programming sessions, I really hope you found it useful and now have a better understanding how it all hangs together.  You can find the labs handouts at here.  Remember there is an issue with exercise 4 in the SQL CLR Hands-On Lab Manual, around Creating User-Defined Types.  The "Format.SerializedDataWithMetadata" attribute is very likely going away and as we discovered not present in the SQL 2005 April CTP, see here for more information on why and options.

Cheers and see ya soon, Dave

Btw, this is my first post from Windows Vista Beta 1 - using Frontpage (lol, my preferred Blog Editor) and Postxing (now hosted on Mr Neimke's most excellent Project Distributor site), so far so good:-)

Comments (5)

  1. Jeff Headley says:

    Dave, again you understate your role both in making the day possible and in leading (with Jeremy) a session that generated lots of enthusiasm. Thanks for your enthusiastic support!

  2. Paul Turner says:

    Glad we had lots of happy campers!! Post some idea’s for the next event on my blog.


  3. Dave Glover says:

    Thanks Jeff, as always, a pleasure and always great to get involved!!

    Hey Paul, great to see you blogging, I know you have a ton of stuff you want to say so look forward to reading it all!!

    Yeah, is a great land spot, check out the beta, well cool!!

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