RMIT Student Day and why you should get in to IT…

Hopefully you found the day interesting and you enjoyed my Windows Mobility session, hey and even better you might be clearer why you might eventually like a job in IT!!

If you are already in IT and particularly software development then spare a moment and please add a comment or two why you got in to the IT industry and your experiences.  You never know it might help a student reading this make up his or her mind why IT is the right choice for them...

The main link for Microsoft resources for students can be found at

Get yourself signed up for "MSDN Connection" and remember lots of universities in Australia are part of the "MSDN Academic Alliance" and that means when you get to Uni you'll have free access to Windows XP Pro and the complete Visual Studio developer suite for free!!

Get cracking now and download the beta of "Visual Studio Express", it's a free set of development tools for creating windows and web based applications; good fun and a great way to learn the art of software development with cool stuff to get started on your first master piece[:D]

Oh and you can order a copy of Visual Studio Beta 2 from here

Cheers, Dave

PS, I was using "Voice Command 1.5" for the Pocket PC to do the voice recognition

Comments (5)

  1. paul kelly says:

    i found the seminar to be a great help to me, and i’m now considering the path of a computer systems engineer.

    i enjoyed your segment on wireless and development, and i already have a deep interest in wireless networking and automation. unfortunately my programming skills aren’t up to scratch and i can only do some vb6 and basic php, but hopefully they’ll develop over time.

    thanks for giving such an energetic presentation :).

  2. Norbert (he’s the chappie on the left if you click on his name) the Director for the Developer Group…

  3. paul kelly says:

    i’ll take a look – thanks :).

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