Implementing Security for Apps with VB.NET or C# Self Paced Training

Hey cool, see there is a new Self Paced Training Kit out for .NET - thanks PaulT (now at KAZ) for pointing this out!!

MCAD/MCSD Self-Paced Training Kit: Implementing Security for Applications with Microsoft Visual Basic .NET and Microsoft Visual C# .NET (Pro-Certification (Hardcover))

And see that KAZ are running training around this certification -, thanks Paul:)

Not had a chance to check out the book but the Table of Contents looks good, will order a copy and will post some comments here sometime soon!!

However if you have read it and have any comments please post here!!

Cheers, Dave

Comments (3)

  1. Travis Owens says:

    Call me a jerk but instead of encouraging people to post their review to YOUR blog, in which today’s entry will slip into the most bottom parts of Google (that’s the side effect of blogs, still) they could post their review to Amazon where hundreds of thousands will see the review for years to come.

    On a side note, I really wish google would take the blog search companies they’ve purchased and add a blog category so that usefull blog posts would appear as a relevate result.

  2. Dave Glover says:

    Fair cop buddy, I changed it from "review" to "comments".

    So hey if you have any comments on this kit then feel free to post em here – but keep short and simple – like it rocks, or avoid at all costs!! Cheers, Dave

  3. Jeff Headley says:

    Thanks for the tips and links!

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