ADNUG March 22nd Lunch Time Session: “Custom .NET Assemblies for SQL Reporting Services” and “What’s new in SQL 2005 for Developers”

Tuesdays March 22nd ADNUG Lunch Time Session.

Start: 12pm for a bite to eat,
sessions kick off at 12:30
Where: Innovation Centre
,  Level 2,  Santos House, King William Street, Adelaide (Wireless Internet

This will be a 60 to 75 minute update covering 2
topics and we'll post the code samples at "
Code Snippets" on this blog shortly
after the session

  1. Paul Turner has kindly offered to run a
    session on his experiences with "Writing Custom .NET Assemblies for Report
    Ever wanted to pull
    data from some obscure source or from an XML Web Service to display on a
    report? What about writing complex logic or mathematical calculations that
    cannot be written using SQL statements? This session will demonstrate how
    to use Visual Studio .NET 2003 to write custom assemblies that can be accessed
    from SQL Server Reporting Services
  2. Dave Glover will
    cover What's new in SQL 2005 for Developers.

    This is a
    quick update on what's new in SQL 2005 for Developers mainly covering off
    T-SQL Enhancements and SQL CLR Programming

    If you saw Greg Low's session at the security summit then I suggest you
    duck out at this point.  But if you didn't then this session will give
    you a quick heads up on what is new and will be useful background for the
    April SQL 2005 MSDN Update which will cover SQL 2005 Security, SQL Server
    Integration Services (replaces DTS) and Report Builder

See ya there...  Cheers,

Comments (3)

  1. Dave Glover says:

    The code examples for today’s (Mar 22nd, 05)SQL 2005 Session can be found at If you have any follow up questions please post them here.

    Thanks and please keep the afternoon on April 19th free for the Adelaide SQL 2005 event covering SQL 2005 Security Enhancements, SSIS (SQL Server 2005 Integration Services) and Report Builder and we’ll see you then:-)

    Cheers, Dave

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