MS Office Onenote 2003 (with SP1 installed) and Shared Session Collaboration

Sometimes it's all too easy to stick to our old habits when using MS Office and we never quite appreciate some of the cool new stuff there, well a bright spark in our team recently pointed out the session sharing feature in Onenote 2003 SP1. 


It allows you to share out a page and allows multiple editors to join in- it's just great way to collaborate especially after the initial euphoria of following our innate instincts and treating it as a graffiti/doodle pad (opps, 🙂 ).



I now use whenever I can as it helps keep everyone on the same page (so to speak) and great when your colleagues are spread far and wide!!


Anyway, to start a shared session click on "Tools -> Shared Session -> Start Shared Session" and for people to join in then they click "Tools -> Shared Session -> Join Shared Session".


PS. You need to have a publicly accessible IP address for the machine hosting the session either on your intranet or internet and it works over port 2302.  So for internet based collab you'll likely need a socket proxy such as the ISA Client loaded on the inside of a firewall and on a home network then you'll need to port forward 2303 to the machine hosting the shared session.


PPS. and dont forget this needs Office 2003 SP1:-)

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