Australian Computer Society – Services Oriented SIG “Where is Microsoft heading with Web Services” follow up

well I hope that you enjoyed tonight's (Mar 15th, 05) session on work
that we (Microsoft) are doing around standards based SOAs which is in many
respects is helping to shape our future platform and product


If you have any questions or comments please post them against
this blog entry.


You can
find more information on Biztalk and Business Process Orchestration and
Schema/Data Transformations at


For the
Microsoft .NET implementation of the Web Services specifications driven by then check out
Web Services Enhancements and I see there is a new article on
why you should use Web Services Enhancements at


As per the discussion then I'd also recommend
that you review the
Building Interoperable Web Services: WS-I Basic Profile


there were a number of people building on J2EE then you may also be interested
in information on our
Interoperability site
which covers interop with Websphere, BEALogic, Java, Unix and


general information on Web Services and .NET then check out


was a question about centralised or decentralised approaches to dealing with
services, data and schema and I'm pretty sure this has been an active discussion
Richard Turner's blog, you'll also
find a vibrant discussion on Indigo.


As per
original posting for
tonight's session you'll find my updated slides on the ASC SOA SIG site at


and thanks, Dave

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