A bit of fun if you are a John Cleese fan and have ever lost data (Yup, an unlikely combination:-))

Henry from the "Melbourne Small Business Server User Group" in Melbourne sent through a fun link to a John Cleese skit on Data backup, it's fun so if you've got 5 minutes and feel like a distraction then check out http://www.backuptrauma.com/video/default2.aspx

Go on press the 3rd button:-)

Now as coincidence would have it, we (Microsoft) have recently announced "Data Protection Server", a backup to disk solution:-)

Comments (3)

  1. SBC says:

    LOL.. a lot of Fawlty backups eh?

    I liked the Clockwork Orange brainwashing shown at end (movie projector with eye-openers)..

    yes.. I did click the third button..


  2. Eric Wallace says:

    I guess once you attend the Insitute you never quite listen to classical music the same way again, eh?

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