Virtual PC 2004 and DVD ISO Image Limitations

May be it's an age thing but gone are the days when I was willing to try that little bit of beta software that looked oh so tempting only to find it has trashed my system and then to be faced with hours rebuilding my system.

So if are anything like me then you love Virtual PC 2004 for trying out new bits in safety but you might have also spotted a rather irritating limitation for loading up large DVD ISO Images (for example Visual Studio 2005 CTP ISOs), Virtual PC 2004 (and Virtual Server) doesn't support ISO images greater than 2.2 GB, grrrr. 

Fortunately there are some easy work arounds which work by loading up the large ISO image using a Virtual CD/DVD driver on your host system and then connecting to that drive from within your host system via Virtual PCs Shared Folder support, ahhh:-)

Check out for a good description of some of the work around solutions...

I dug out my licence of Nero 5.x and spotted Nero DriveImage, now this is seriously a cool piece of stable software and I now just install software from ISO with DriveImage (VPC or not).  Well pleased...

Comments (6)

  1. Javier Luna says:

    Nice post, Dave!

    I had same problem 8 month ago 🙂 I did installed Whidbey at that moment.


    Javier Luna

  2. Mark Rosenecker says:

    What a coincidence! I was just trying to install SuSE Linux on my VPC system, and I ran into this same issue. Spent 3 hours downloading the damn ISO file, and I wasn’t about to call it quits when VPC threw an error. Thanks for the help! Nero ImageDrive works like a charm (for those of us who have it).

  3. Great to see you all at the Adelaide Innovation 2006 Windows Vista and Office 2007 event last week, that…

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