Some of my favourite things

Well as per Julie Andrews, these are some of my favourite things…


My favourite bits of technology would have to be my broadband connection, my
wireless router
, my
Tablet PC
an awesome device and the way mobile computing should be, version 3 of the
finally a device worthy of it’s name, Windows Media Center Edition 2005 oh and
(it just works), my
and of course anything


Fav book -
Times Arrow
. Ok, not a big reader but “Times Arrow” book blew me away. Loved "Captain Corelli's Mandolin", chapter 1 difficult, but bar that a great read, book way better than the film. Finished "White Teeth", blimey just completed "A Line of Beauty" - the 2004 Man Booker prize winner), very good read and now starting on "The Davinci Code" a birthday pressie from a Dutchy friend.


  • Bowie: Probably showing my age but the “Thin White Duke” lives forever, great style, music, innovation and he has always led the way.
  • Moby: The little guy
    rocks and he's a democrat!!
  • Bjork: Geez, it would be hard not to love
    this quirky Icelander!!  Yeah this is nothing so confusing as
    Human Behaviour, other favourites inc
    Violently Happy,


Fav Bands would have to be "The Killers" and "Dresden Dolls"
Fav “Killer” tracks would have to be "Somebody Told Me" & "Mr Brightside". Great music & video

The Dresden Dolls describe their genre as “Brechtian Punk Cabaret”, bit different, they are a US band out of Boston.


Requiem for my friend - Zbigniew Preisner, notable "Agnus Dei". We have moments in our lives that remain vivid such as the televised first moon walk. Lol, I remember where I was when I first heard "Agnus Dei", I was standing on a ladder hanging curtains in Reading England, it gets worse, (unusually) I was listening BBC2, the house wife's choice and someone had called in and requested it to be played. It's hauntingly beautiful... Overall a great album, moody and evocative.

Fav TV:

Carnivale fav TV series
– Series one finishedL
Oz ABC Sundays 8:30pm - HBO seems to know how to get it right, cracking plot, characters are intriguing etc. From the makers of Sex in the City and Six Foot Under.


Orlando: A film loosely based on the life of Virginia Woolf. I was reminded of this film by a friend in Sydney recently, I had seen it years ago and went and hired it again, I love it for it's mood, style, creativity, cinematography, music etc. Unbearable Lightness of Being, English Patient,
Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting also on my fav films list.


Yeah, like going out, eating and drinking too much and tipping over, like dance clubs, socialising, generally meeting people, listening to music, concerts, galleries, big in to swimming blah blah blah etc...

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  1. I just wish someone would teach The Killers how to pronounce ‘February’! 🙂

  2. Dave Glover says:

    lol, know what you mean – ta da, the complete lyrics for "Somebody told me" 🙂

  3. I’ve been around Microsoft for nearly 12 years, the first 10 or so with Microsoft UK and as sad as this…

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