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I’ve been around Microsoft for 15 years, the first 10 or so with Microsoft UK and as sad as this may seem I got the Windows NT bug after reading Helen Custer’s “Inside Windows NT”.  In the UK "Inside Windows NT” claim to fame was that it outsold Madonna’s book called “Sex”, so be my guest and read in to that what you likeJ

So yup, read the book, got the bug, got the job and have never looked back…

I started off my MS career working with customers adopting Windows NT 3.0, SQL Server and SMS oh and then of course the soon to be released Windows Ciaro, the fully OO OS, OS APIs (.NET), OO Filesystem (Post Longhorn), Agent Desktop (remember Active DesktopJ guess superseded by Personalisation, the Semantic Web and desktop search), Vista here we come...

We kicked off a customer facing developer group across all of our subsidiaries and I headed the Developer Technical Presales team in the UK, did that for 5 or so years and then last year I was fortunate to be able to transfer to Frank's team within Microsoft Australia's Developer Group.

My role is to work with developers building solutions on .NET pretty much wherever I can find them; across Customers, Partners, ISVs and the User Group Communities.  I do a fair amount of public speaking across the major cities in Oz, you might have spotted me on last years Security Roadshow.

My main technical skill sets are around Web Dev, Web Services, Standards based SOAs, building apps for mobile devices - PPCs and Smartphones etc.  I'm also interested in Operating Systems (not just MS ones), Communications technolgies, gadgets and in general have a fairly good and realistic view of Microsoft and the general IT Industry directions.

Before Microsoft I started my developer career building online solutions for the pharmaceutical sector and followed that with a 5 year stint working for IBM NZ doing AS400 presales…

All good fun and has defo kept me interested over the years!!

Summarised Version

Dave Glover has worked for Microsoft for 15 years mostly in our Developer Platform Group, the first 10 years were with Microsoft UK and he transfer to Microsoft Australia in 2004.  He has worked in various roles including people management and across a broad spectrum of infrastructure and developer technologies with a variety of customers and partners


His main technical skills include development of Web applications, Web Services, Standards based SOAs and Mobile devices.  He is also interested in Operating Systems (not just MS ones), communications and collaboration technologies, gadgets and in general have a fairly good and realistic view of Microsoft and the general IT Industry directions.

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