Wishing you a Happy Christmas ADNUG Style – I think this covers all the bases:-)

Peter Griffith of ADNUG and ACS fame sent through this Christmas greeting and Outlook’s spam filter caught it as junk but I disagree and too good not to republish and in this troubled world this should satisfy most people!!  lol, seems to me that only thing missing is wishes for a firmer longer Christmas:-) Well have…


Special Holiday Episode III: Connecting People, Programs and Devices Using WinFX

Tim Wragg sent this message/link through to DavidLem and I – watching now and Tim’s right it is fun!!  Thanks Tim!! “This video is a beauty, they’ve built an end to end WinFX solution that’s playing Don’s piano. Gets pretty painful when they start singing though. http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdntv/episode.aspx?xml=episodes/en/20051215WinFXCA/manifest.xml” Session Summary   Don Box and Chris Anderson show…

Cool Regular Expressions Resources

Ok I accept I might be the be the only one on the planet that struggles with Regular Expression syntax!!  But on the off chance that I’m not the only one and like me you end up trying random regex patterns in the vain hope that something might work then check out these resources. http://www.radsoftware.com.au/articles/regexlearnsyntax.aspx -…


The Visual Studio Team System Blog is Reignited

If you get a chance then check out the  http://blogs.msdn.com/vstsue/default.aspx Team System Blog. If and you are running the Released version of Visual Studio and want to test out the Team Foundation Server (available for download off MSDN Subscriptions or from the Dec 05 MSDN DVDs) then you need to be running the B3 refresh. Thanks…


FolderShare and Microsoft – check this out!!

Huh, seems with head down for the Visual Studio Launch Tour I missed this cool announcement – FolderShare and Microsoft. Martin was showing me Foldershare tonight and it is seriously cool and seems that Alex has fallen for it’s charms too!!  Check out www.foldershare.com!!

VDNUG Mobility Development with Visual Studio 2005 Session Links (Dec 13, 2005)

Well I hope you enjoyed my slot in the VDNUG meeting on building mobile apps with Visual Studio 2005.  Here are the references I discussed… www.msdn.com/mobile Windows Mobile V5 SDK Openwave emulator – check out their developer site for the SDK download (see http://asp.net/mobile/DeviceSimulators.aspx?tabindex=5 for more info on emulators) http://www.opennetcf.org – Smart Devices Framework, almost…


ActiveSync 4.1 Released with support for the DMA Transport Layer

In case you missed this there is finally a released version of ActiveSync (now 4.1) with DMA Transport support for hooking up to the released version of Visual Studio 2005:-) It’s available from http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/downloads/activesync41.mspx Oh btw, DMA provides a more performant way for VS2005 to talk to the Windows Mobile Device Emulator… Cheers, Dave

ASP.NET V2 Demo Files Available for Download from the Australian Visual Studio 2005 Launch Tour

Phew, well sorry for being quiet on my blog!!  As a number of you might of guessed it’s been heads down with the Austalian Visual Studio Launch Tour.  We’ll that’s finished now it was fun (well except the demo hell bits, hmmm…), hopefully you enjoyed and great to catch up with you!! As requested I have…


Convert It 2.6 for your Windows Smartphone has been release; Source Code and Compiled Cab available for download

Well writing this version has been both fun and frustrating, but mostly fun given I’ve learnt a stack and pleased with the result!! “Convert It” runs on a Windows Mobile Smartphone with the Compact Framework V1 installed on it, essentially Windows Mobile 2003(inc SE) and above!! As the name suggests it does conversions. It supports…